Stockard-Elmer & Company, Inc. - Training and Communications Consulting

Curriculum Development Work Sessions

In today’s restructured corporate environment, decision-makers are frequently turning to subject matter experts and line personnel to create training programs and materials.    

Stockard-Elmer and Company assists companies in all or part of the following stages of training course development.

Needs Assessment

S/E helps clients perform learning needs assessments by: 

• Consulting with managers, technical specialists, or prospective learners from the target audience to help them identify learning needs that must be addressed to improve job performance.

• Working with groups of managers, technical specialists, and prospective learners to define “big-picture” directions and learning goals that the proposed training should encompass.

• Surveying or interviewing prospective learners or decision-makers to verify proposed course goals.

Instructional Design Sessions

S/E meets with subject matter experts and/or internal training personnel to work through the instructional design process by:
• Setting “big-picture” course goals, outlining the blueprint of course modules, and writing performance objectives of modules.

• Planning module lessons to establish learning objectives, methods, and time.

• Training course developers in models for documenting lecture-driven lessons versus exercise-driven or participative lessons.

Instructional Writing Services

S/E produces finalized instructional materials, including:

  • Leader's Guides
  • Participant Workbooks
  • Case Studies
  • Job Aids
  • Webcast Scripts