Stockard-Elmer & Company, Inc. - Training and Communications Consulting

Instructor Development Workshops

Stockard-Elmer & Company offers two workshops to help particpants develop facilitation and instructional design skills. 

Particpants will learn how to:

• Guide learners in determining the relevance of the learning to their own lives and work.

• Encourage learners to develop high-level, critical thinking skills, such as judgment and decision-making capabilities.

• Create learning environments that make use of different learning media and use a variety of learning situations to trigger different learning styles.

Facilitating Training Seminars Designing Training Experiences

This workshop helps business people develop instructional skills in four areas essential for effective classroom management:

  • Making instructional presentations.
  • Giving instructions for group and individual exercises.
  • Monitoring classroom activities.
  • Conducting group discussions and case debriefings.

Participants are videotaped several times in practice exercises designed to address each individual skill.  A final exercise requires participants to be videotaped leading a complete instructional sequence.

This course provides structured opportunities to apply and practice the steps of instructional design.  These opportunities include demonstration cases and examples of content that participants bring to the workshop.

Participants learn how to:

  • Analyze learner needs.
  • Write measurable learning objectives for the content or skills that must be taught.
  • Create an overall course design.
  • Design lesson plans.