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Managing Successful Meetings

This workshop is designed for executives, managers, administrators, and business professionals who plan and lead meetings.  The course prepares participants to manage the three essential phases of successful meetings:

Planning the Meeting
Leading the Meeting
Following Up the Meeting

Specific skills participants develop to manage each phase are:

Planning the Meeting

♦ Set goals for the meeting.

♦ Prepare an agenda that will structure the allotted time to accomplish those goals.

♦ Publish the goals and agenda to participants before the meeting to enable them to prepare and contribute effectively.

Leading the Meeting

♦ Overview the meeting’s purpose.

♦ Choose a method such as brainstorming or team processes to ensure the meeting’s goals are accomplished.

♦ Use effective interpersonal skills to guide the meeting.

Following up the Meeting

♦ Record products of team processes or brainstorming sessions in a follow-up communication to meeting participants.

♦ Record “next steps” participants should take to further accomplish meeting goals.

♦ Develop and gain commitment to action plans.
Training Method:  Small group exercises allow participants to discover and practice all the necessary skills.  Each participant will prepare and lead one small meeting in the workshop.