Stockard-Elmer & Company, Inc. - Training and Communications Consulting

Presentation Skills

When 2,543 adult Americans were surveyed about their 
worst fears, “speaking before a group” topped the list.

Public presentations are made for different purposes, in different environments, and for different audiences.  Whether making after-dinner talks, leading staff meetings, or delivering a keynote address at a business conference, presenters are faced with the same responsibilities: 

Structuring the Presentation
Delivering it Effectively
Fielding Questions From the Floor

Stockard-Elmer & Company provides a supportive environment for business people to become more effective presenters.  Participants are videotaped as they present.  They receive coaching from the instructor and feedback from peers throughout the workshop.  

Participants learn how to:

♦ Prepare the presentation.

♦ Deliver the presentation naturally and confidently.

♦ Use visual aids to supprt key messages.

♦ Anticipate possible questions and prepare strategies to answer them.

Course Materials: Each participant receives a workbook containing explanatory text, exercise instructions, and feedback forms.

Who Should Attend:  Personnel who are required to prepare and deliver oral presentations as a routine part of their job.