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Project Management Workshop

Stockard-Elmer & Company’s Project Management Workshop helps participants develop the use of critical project management tools and techniques to complete successful projects.  This is typically a one-day program that can be expanded to two days to meet specific client objectives.  

Course Objectives

• Identify four stages of project management.
• Develop a practical project plan.
• Monitor a project and evaluate the need for change.
• Complete a project and measure the final results.

Course Materials

Participants receive a workbook containing all workshop exercises, commentary, and a complete set of project management worksheets (hard copy and Excel files).

Workshop activities include:

  • Clearly define project scope
  • Select project team members
  • Calculate time and cost
  • Allocate resources
  • Create a project master plan
  • Assess risk and develop contingencies
  • Monitor project activities
  • Control project time and budget
  • Take necessary corrective actions
  • Close a project down and document final outcomes

Training Method

This course is built around a series of highly interactive group and individual activities based on traditional project management principles.  Using a case study and their own project descriptions, participants work independently to plan and design individual project master plans.

Who Should Attend

People called upon to manage projects as part of their daily workplace responsibilities.