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Constructive Performance Feedback

This half-day workshop helps managers and staff write and deliver constructive feedback to meet the following requirements of corporate 360-dgree performance review procesesses.

-Identify strengths and areas of development of people, so that they can either build upon strengths or improve weaknesses.

-Describe performance behaviors that will enable fair and accurate managment calibration of people's performance.

Course Objectives

  • Identify the components of constructive performance feedback.

  • Formulate clear messages describing key performance behaviors.

  • Explain the rationale for performance recommendations.

  • Describe concrete examples that illustrate performance messages and recommendations.

  • Practice a "COACH" model to discuss written feedback with subordinates and peers.

Training Method

The course is built around a series of group and inidvidual projects based on actual feedback situations that professionals encounter in the workplace.  These activities can be customized, using specific client situations and cases.  Particpants use examples of their own written feedback to practice the "COACH" model.

Course Materials

Each participant receives a pamphlet containing explanatory text and workshop exercises.

Participants also receive individual copies of The Write Approach:  Techniques for Effective Business Writing, a self-instructional text by Olivia Stockard, published by Emerald Group Pulishing Limited.


Personnel who are required to provide feedback as part of their company’s annual performance review process.