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Business Writing Workshops

Business Writing Basics

The program is designed for clerical and administrative personnel who either write correspondence themselves or type and proofread the writing of others.  The workshop focuses on fundamental grammar review and techniques of composition. 

Participants learn to:

  • Identify and Correct Common Grammatical Errors
  • Organize Effective Business Correspondence
  • Edit Business Writing to Improve Readability

Participants complete a number of group and individual exercises in class, receive peer and instructor feedback on their work, and are offered specific guidelines for further self-study.

Effective Business Writing

Exempt and non-exempt personnel learn to make their writing more effective by working through exercises based on documents they see in the workplace every day. 

Topics covered are:

  • Organization and Logic        
  • Openings and Closings   
  • Explaining the Main Points   
  • Purpose and Vocabulary
  • Principles of Readability       
  • Active and Passive Voice    
  • Gaining Editorial Skill         
  • Formatting and Graphics

Participants review and edit their own writing during the workshop.  They also receive feedback from their peers and instructions for further self-study in Olivia Stockard’s most recent book, The Write Approach: Techniques for Effective Business Writing.

Writing Analytical Reports and Correspondence

This program helps managers and technical personnel organize and edit analytical writing such as problem-solving reports and technical proposals. 

Participants learn how to:

  • Present the writer’s analysis logically and clearly.
  • Support defensible conclusions.
  • Edit documents to achieve stylistic consistency and tonal appropriateness.
  • Format documents to highlight their organizational sequence.

The S/E Business Writing Training Package - Customized / Off-the-Shelf

Participants work with materials they see on the job every day.  They practice a series of exercises to help improve the writing skills they already have.  Customized cases and team activities allow them to “discover” their own weaknesses, identify appropriate tools for correcting mistakes, and improve the readability of their writing.  The Stockard-Elmer training package includes:

  • Camera-ready copy of participant workbook containing all commentary, exercises, and job aids for the seminar.
  • One or two full days of on-site classroom instruction.     
  • Individual copies of Olivia Stockard’s self-instructional book, The Write Approach:  Techniques for Effective Business Writing

The Write Approach: Techniques for Effective Business Writing, Second Edition
Olivia Stockard, a New York-based communications consultant, provides techniques to help business writers translate their skills in analysis and logic into successful letters, memos, and reports. Her examples are drawn from paper and electronic documents written in large corporations and small businesses. By judging writing samples and ultimately setting their own standards, readers learn how to evaluate business writing and improve it.

"The Write Approach" includes exercises, worksheets, and sample revisions; covers memos, letters, and ways to catch the reader's attention; and emphasizes results-oriented writing.

What People Are Saying

"Dr. Stockard's abundant exercises develop fundamental skills, and her clear distinction between 'leads' and 'hooks' gives readers an excellent understanding of when and why to use deductive and inductive writing styles. Because of the clarity of its explanations and the methodical presentation of its exercises, The Write Approach will be useful both for readers working on their own and as a text in business writing classes."
—Walter Blanco, Professor of English, Lehman College

"The book offers a truly comprehensive course in effective business writing--not just a few tips and basic do's and don'ts. Using excellent subject organization, outstanding exercises and an informal, readable style, it provides a clear path to a business writing style that is far above adequate, [in that it is] mature, individual and conveys the very best about the writer."
—Karen Bradley, Vice President for Human Resources, New York University

The Write Approach: Techniques for Effective Business Writing, Second Edition

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